The Pinterest Intent

With a new year always comes self-reflection and resolutions. “New Year, New Me” is usually the phrase.

I did take a lot of time to decide what the coming year would bring for me. I discovered that I don’t actually like the word “resolution”. defines resolution as, “a firm decision to do or not do something.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but to me resolution suggests hard lines, black and white, succeed or fail. I prefer something a bit more fluid, something that has a bit more leeway and something that feels attainable. So instead of having New Year’s resolutions, I prefer to have New Year’s intentions. It’s probably all semantics, but it’s just the word that I prefer and it’s my blog, so I’ll do what I want!

That being said, I wanted my intentions for the year to be not only meaningful, but attainable. How does Pinterest factor into this you ask? Well I ask you the question: “How many Pinterest boards, pins, etc. do you have and how many have you actually done?” Take that! Raise your hand if you love Pinterest! I do love Pinterest a lot. I have a  bajillion boards and pins – some are dreams and future-ish things and some are crafts and projects that I would really like to try. Then I posed the question “If not now, when?”. Not that Pinterest projects are really hindering my life and existence, but it’s just one of those things. So one of my intentions for the year is to choose at least 12 Pinterest inspired projects and blog those projects over the next 12 months. Now, I am allowing myself to do more if I wish and if I skip a month, giving myself the grace to say it’s really not that big of a deal.

Project #1: Letters to my daughter

Let’s face it, communicating with your kids – like genuine communication and connection – can be really hard. Everyone’s lives are busy, you have so many balls in the air, taking kids here and there, maintaining relationships, cleaning the house, work and all that junk takes up time. I try everyday to have a genuine moment with each of my kids. Some days are more successful than others.

When my kids were younger, I would write letters to them in a journal talking about events that had happened, or if I had a bad day with them, or it was their birthday, etc. I wanted them to have words from mom, and things in my handwriting for when they got older.

I’ve come across lists like these on Pinterest. Questions to ask your daughter, or conversations to have with your daughter. Now that my daughter is 11, I want her to know that she can talk to me about anything. That she won’t get in trouble for having thoughts and questions about real things in the world. We’ve had a few chats about the birds and the bees, feelings, boys, friends and sometimes there are moments when she is embarrassed about the topic, or doesn’t feel comfortable in the moment.

So I bought this notebook about 2 years ago.


Isn’t it pretty?

It’s been sitting on my nightstand for quite sometime and I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it.

I’ve decided to start writing letters to my daughter, and to let her read them right away and to let her respond as she wishes. We talked about it and she seems a little apprehensive about it. I’m really hoping she decides to write back.


I bought some special pens for both of us – who doesn’t love new pens? And I’m using some of the questions I found on Pinterest as conversations starters, as well as quotes I enjoy. I am really hoping that this will help us get to know each other better as the people we are right now.


So good luck to me, and I’ll keep you updated!

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